Mega Project Management

Project manager with professional experience in the management of mega-projects for several years.

Experience in Project Management

Expertise in project management for projects in the financial and IT-sector like the introduction of the EURO currency and the IFRS-accounting rules.

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Culture and Customs in different countries.

The cultural rules of the different countries are very important when it comes to successful business. I gathered my experience in this field in over 30 countries and more than 22 US-states.

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My professional roots.

My professional roots are in the financial business, administration and IT. The base of my profession is the graduation in the banking sector and continues training in the Deutsche Bank, where I started my career. Then I led mega-million projects in the IT-data center of the savings banks. In the projects I worked together with team members from different countries. When the IT-data center merged in 2007, I moved to Florida/USA and started my own business career as independent contractor and freelancer.

Freelancer Services.

Freelancer work only in the contracted scope. Freelancer do not always work at the location of the business, but often remotely. Freelancer need a different kind of application, because the freelance works only temporarily and limited to the work scope. Freelancer and the contracting party agree on the contract terms, which describe what needs to be done until a specific date and how much it will cost? All these details can be negotiated and decided via email, phone and skype. All contractional costs are included in the invoice.

Why use Freelance Services?

There are tasks or activities that need a specialized knowledge, experience or additional work capacity. However, the necessary resources are not available in the short term or the skills are only necessary for a limited time. Reasons may be: all employees are fully occupied, the knowledge or experience is not available, one-time or special task, no trained, experienced employee is available. Your benefit: only work costs, no additional business costs.

Which Services are offered?

Writing of documents (excel, word, presentations), translation of documents (brochures, word-documents, product manuals, product descriptions etc.), reading and editing of existing documents, assistance with the writing of business plans, assistance to find options for project finance, assistance in project management, coaching and consulting in business questions, and more on request.


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Employees from foreign countries.

To manage successfully projects with team members from different countries, culture background knowledge of the individuals and the inclusion of this knowledge into the work environment is necessary.

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Mega-Project Management

To manage mega projects like Launching of the Euro currency or the IFRS accounting in Germany, many years of experience in the financial and IT sector as well as the experience in the business processes in the domestic and international area is necessary.


Andrea Hoff-Domin
500 E Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33394, US
P: (954) 232-0434



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    Andrea Hoff-Domin

    Project- and process manager, counselor for the Caribbean Islands, author and keynote speaker for business culture & real estate.

About me

Business professional in the international business, finance-, IT- and administration, project- and process manager for mega-projects in a banking-IT-data center, business culture experience in different cultures and their inclusion in business processes.